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How to join the Alumni Network

Membership in the Alumni Network is free of charge. Please register your details below in the registration form to join the network. The final step, after registration, is to apply for KTH REC Ambassador's LinkedIn for updates and networking.

To hold the network to an exclusive standard, there have been specific requirements selected to be a part of the KTH REC Alumni Network:

  • Previous board member of KTH Real Estate Club

  • Finalist in KTH REC Case Competition (preferably already graduated from KTH)

  • Extraordinary performances within KTH Real Estate Club 

Follow these two steps below to become alumni of the KTH Real Estate Club!

Registration Alumni Network
Former program of study at KTH
Role in Real Estate Club

Thanks for registering. A reminder to apply for KTH REC Ambassador LinkedIn

Yet again, do not forget to apply to be a part of our ambassador community on LinkedIn

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