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Founded in 2017, KTH Real Estate Club is a student driven organization keen to establish a foundation for students to acquire and share knowledge and ideas outside of the academic curriculum. Through the organization, high caliber students have the opportunity to create a local and global network within the real estate industry.  
The key focus of the Club remains to build knowledge and skills for our members, enabling them to realize their potential and careerambitions in the field of real estate. This is both for our members who are looking to understand better what a career in real estate entails, as well as those who are hoping to begin their career, build networks and apply for Part-time jobs, Internships and Graduate opportunities at real estate firms. 


We believe in the KTH students and their capability to compete in the global real estate industry. What unifies our members is a genuine interest in real estate and a willingness to learn. Our goal is to provide our members with valuable experiences within the fields of real estate and the built environment to help our members build a future career in the industry. We are actively asking and listening to what the real estate market demands from their future employees in skills, knowledge and experience. We can complement the lacking components from the curriculum and provide our sponsors with direct access to our exceptional members.

"Our mission is to inspire and prepare our members to embark on careers in real estate"


Our core values are the cornerstone of who we are as a club, what we stand for and what we do. The KTH Real Estate Club - through its members and sponsors, believes in commitment, respects diversity and recognises that there are many things that unite us all in order to achieve excellence.


As a club we look to help our members to grow as individuals, developing certain core values that we want to carry into our chosen profession, including: integrity, leadership, teamwork, professionalism and responsibility. We aim to provide an environment, in which members can develop these values and strengthen their passion for real estate, which we believe are key attributes of successful business leaders.

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